Fire Sprinkler Inspections & Service

Frazier Fire provides new construction fire protection system installations and ongoing fire sprinkler inspections for any commercial business in Oklahoma. Functionality is a crucial element to provide you a safe environment to work in. We ensure your system is in working order to protect your employees, customers and property when you need it most.

Our team offers regular testing and maintenance to check if the system is running properly. Our services can extend to train those interested in understanding how the system operates. We take pride in our customer-centric reputation and ability to protect your property and that your building meets code compliance.

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Fire Protection Installation Services

Our design and installation teams work together to determine the best system installation for your building. Keep your property safe from fire hazards through installation services including:

  • Automatic fire sprinkler systems
  • Fire alarms or smoke detectors
  • Deluge or water spray water mist systems
  • Exit and emergency lighting
  • Fixed or portable fire extinguishers
  • Gas fire suppression systems
  • Commercial kitchen fire suppression systems

Fire Sprinkler Inspections & Maintenance Services

Our fire protection professionals at Frazier Fire can help you ensure your systems are operating as intended and will be ready when you need it most. Routine inspections of all alarms and supervisory devices help us detect potential issues within the system. We know how important it is to have a fast responsive system so we make sure to customize inspections to cater to your needs.

Fire Protection System Inspection Process

To meet the requirements of code, regular inspection and maintenance are done to ensure the safety of the building. During an inspection you can expect the following tasks to be completed:

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  • Inspecting the control panel
  • Verifying the monitoring connection and shutdown circuits 
  • Conduct visual inspection on pipes and nozzles 
  • Testing the pull stations
  • Testing audible/visual devices
  • Testing the smoke detector sensitivity 

Protecting Your Investment

The purpose of these tests are to pinpoint potential malfunctions and correct them. At Frazier Fire, our goal is to make sure your facility operates at full functionality and will respond readily in a time of emergency. Knowing that you have a reliable system will ultimately help in creating a safe working environment for your customers and employees.

Fire Sprinkler System Installation and Inspection & Services

Fires are unpredictable and it can be hard to know which system works best for your property. At Frazier Fire, our experts can evaluate the most cost effective design plan that not only meets regulatory requirements, but yours as well. 

Schedule your fire alarm inspection and testing services with either of our OKC Metro or Tulsa area offices today.